Much has changed in terms of tools and tactics over my marketing career. What has not changed is the strategic goal of marketing: Profitably growing revenue by delivering value from your customer’s perspective, and equally importantly, capturing some of that value for your company.  

The role of marketing is to make your brand stand out and be noticed.  Positioning starts with defining what makes your brand unique and special and comparing it to an existing frame of reference, thereby demonstrating your superiority. Choosing a category you can own, and positioning yourself to be the most preferred in that category is what gives you a sustainable competitive advantage.

All great marketing begins with differentiation and the ability to tell your story.  It's not enough to have great products. Your marketing must speak a verbally and visually sophisticated language that connects with consumers emotionally and communicates why your products are different and better.

Tashjian Marketing will help you to create sustainable benefits and cost-effectively communicate that message with clarity, brevity, consistency and passion in traditional media, social media and at the point of sale.

When margins are thin, an effective marketing strategy must out-think, 
out-plan and out-execute, rather than outspend the competition.  
Business Development Services
  • Outsourced Senior Marketing Leadership
  • Business Analytics
  • Industry Gap Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Differentiation and value proposition strategy
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Licensing

Tashjian's  business building process has generated more than 50 successful new brand introductions and existing brand relaunches.
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