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Phase 1 is the initial meeting where we discuss the problems and opportunities facing a company.  Together, we select the single greatest issue that impacts the profitable growth of your company.  There is no charge for this service.

Phase 2 is a detailed proposal defining the opportunity and outlining the scope, timing and resources required to complete the analysis.  There is a fee, which is based on the scope of the project and the amount of time required. This step is important becuse it ensures the problem/opportunity is completely understood and that the promised deliverables meet the needs of the organization.

Phase 3 is the approval and execution of the proposal.  This is a collaborative effort capturing and documenting the best ideas of customers, retailers, suppliers, your salesforce and internal management.  The deliverable is usually an oral and written presentation outlining key findings, major conclusions and recommended indicated actions replete with concrete next steps and estimated costs.  The fee for this phase is is dependent on the scope of the project and can be a day rate, project fee or retainer.

Phase 4 is reaching consensus on the approach and implementing the plan.  This can be executed by Tashjian Marketing, or may be done internally, often by outside experts, with or without my supervision.  This is implemented on a project or retainer basis.

Every project begins with a clear understanding of expectations, deliverables and timing in writing.  Care must be taken to ensure value, yet not make unrealistic promises.  Most consulting projects are divided into four phases. 
When you hire Tashjian marketing, you get me, Ed Tashjian and my many years of experience in developing and executing innovative marketing ideas.  I can consult for an afternoon or manage a long-term project.  If you opt for the latter, you will also benefit from my network of experts --- top researchers, designers, photographers, writers, specialty printers and public relations pros --- all of whom have worked with me for many years and are on call to handle your company's needs.  Because of our unique structure, Tashjian Marketing is a cost-effective way to tackle projects large and small.