Natuzzi Case Study
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I consider the 3 months collaboration with you very well spent. We exchanged our experiences, market knowledge and strategic insights. Despite the short time, your support to Natuzzi Italy and to my team was very fruitful. We finalized market analysis, consumer segmentation assessment and the 2010 Natuzzi Italy marketing plan. These are all strategic tools we needed to approach the Natuzzi Italy development in North America, clarify our key objectives, actions in order to set up the appropriate organization. Furthermore we developed a Dealer Contribution Program which was another important marketing tool. I look forward to working with you again.

Giacomo Ventalone
Chief Marketing Officer

Retained to conduct an independent analysis of sales data leading to a refined segmentation analysis and the development of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Problem / Opportunity
In 2008 and 2009 the upper end market collapsed.  Natuzzi wanted to "recalibrate" its model for the current business conditions with a thorough and independent analysis of its business drivers and segmentation by channel, account, geography and sub-brand leading to an effective marketing plan to profitably recapture sales.

Barriers to Overcome
  • Horrible economy.
  • High End retailers declaring bankruptcy
  • Limited budgets and staffing
  • Cultural differences

  • Identification of key business and profit drivers
  • Identification of key business and profit drivers
  • Detailed marketing plan

  • Natuzzi was able to stem its losses and put itself in a position to win in the marketplace.  Opened new channels of vertical distribution and offered lower price but profitable goods to meet the needs of its client base.